A system for high-yield, thin-film solar plants

Maximum yield of clean solar energy and optimal return on investment – many factors are decisive when it comes to the profitability of a solar system. And not every solar technology is suitable for every location. Ideal conditions are often assumed, yet rarely exist in reality.
This is where the micromorph thin-film solar systems from Inventux shine – solar systems of the next generation. Where others quit, we’re just getting started. Our modules are consistently sustainable and are highly versatile thanks to their superior technology – even for less than ideal locations. As a system provider of premium micromorph solar systems, all main components are perfectly matched. Our innovative thin-film technology ensures the maximum yield of clean solar energy throughout the entire year. Any place, any weather.
Experience a new dimension of solar systems: profitable, ecological, micromorph.
The Inventux advantage at a glance
Thin-film technology has arguably the greatest development potential of all solar industry technologies. In 2008, Inventux became the first solar technology company in Europe to begin the industrial series production of micromorph thin-film solar modules.
Alongside the production and assembly of micromorph thin-film modules, Inventux is continuously expanding their range of products and services with the goal of marketing essentially turnkey solar systems in which individual components enable simple and effective deployment through an intelligent “plug & play" design.
All Inventux components fit together precisely: Whether placing modules or assembling the mounting system – all procedures are designed to be completed in a maximum of 3 steps.
Inventux solar systems contain zero toxic substances and represent consistent sustainability – from start to finish.