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    Heat and ventilate using the sun with JUMBOSOLAR Once the sun is shining, the JumboSolar-Collectors (mounted on the roof or the facade) are delivering warm,fresh air, which is distributed via a simple System in the building.

    Many good reasons for opting for JUMBOSOLAR

    Savings in operation costs
    In cold weather, the heat supplied by JUMBOSOLAR reduces heating needs by up to 50%. The low installation cost, together with rising energy prices makes JUMBOSOLAR an investment in the future.

    Improvement in the atmosphere
    Clean, warm air supplies an agreeable atmosphere, improves productivity and the atmosphere at work.
    Structural protection
    Protection of buildings and their contents against mould and damp by using an inexhaustible energy supply like the sun.

    Dependable operation
    JUMBOSOLAR supplies clean, warm air without affecting any other heating system. Its use in the air means that problems in the installation such as freezing, boiling, or corrosion are avoided.

    Maintenance free
    Practically without maintenance (only a filter change once or twice a year).

    Guaranteed quality through decades of experience
    JUMBOSOLAR, a product guaranteed by Grammer Solar with more than 30 years experience in hot air collectors.

    A long lasting environmental protection system
    The use of an inexhaustible and free energy source like the sun reduces emissions of CO2 greenhouse gases.