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    The big advantages of the SolarAir-Collectors are the fast warm-up time, the low supply temperature - even with a cloudy sky the temperatur needed for a effective heating is already achieved - as well as in the carrier medium itself: air isn't in fact an optimal heat accumulator, but it is heating itself fast and can easily be distributed; in doing so, it doesn't freeze neither, nor it boils over. Even a leakage into the distribution system will be insignificant for the basic structure of the building. A JUMOBSOLAR-Standard collector moves a volume of air up to 2.300 m³/h and gives like this heated fresh air for a room with 200 m² floor space. Because of economies of running costs up to 50 %, static payback period of less then 10 years, operating times of over 25 years and continous increasing costs of energy, the capital investment for a JUMBOSOLAR is profitable..

    Case study: Gym of Karlsgymnasium, München