• Why solar ?

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  • Three in one: Heat, fresh air and hot water

    The SolarAir complete system
    Healthy fresh air
    e.g. in old buildings neither dampness nor mould, despite window renovation and full insulation

    Solar heat delivered free to your door
    Solar heat during the heating period pays off through years of energy savings

    Hot water in the summer
    Automatically switches over to water heating when the living temperature is reached

    SolarAir brings old buildings into the solar age

    Heat using solar energy SolarAir collectors are particularly inspirational in areas where, even on sunny days, buildings previously had to be heated intensely. Extensive refurbishment of the entire heating system is not necessary; air collectors can also be used very well in combination with stoves or night storage heaters or traditional heating appliances. The collectors thereby always work as a low-temperature heating system with optimal performance because the fresh air heated in the collector is channelled directly into the house without any intermediate steps. Retrofitting can be done with ease in most buildings and pays off through years of savings in heating energy. The installations are very low maintenance and reliable in operation; after all, air can neither freeze, boil over or leak.

    Shower using solar energy - When the house has been sufficiently heated, the SolarAir system automatically switches over to water heating. The air is now channelled by a "solar box" installed in the interior of the building and heats the water in a solar storage tank with the help of a heat exchanger. Solar warm water is thus available day and night. In summer, the conventional heating can be completely switched off.
    Ventilate using solar energy – Warm water and heating is not all the SolarAir systems offer. Free with this is a plus energy ventilation installation. After the building shell has been made more impervious through new windows or full thermal insulation after a renovation, it is particularly important that consistent ventilation is used to ensure there are no problems with mould and dampness (see also "Why ventilate?"). SolarAir systems ventilate fully automatically as soon as the sun shines, without valuable heat being lost.