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  • Why solar?

    The sun is a simple and convenient source of clean, thermal energy
    The use of active solar systems considerably reduces the demand for conventional energies. Furthermore, it creates various advantages for the user themselves, for our society and last but not least for the plant Earth on which we live.

    Climate protection
    Solar systems supply energy without burdening our climate with the emission of CO2 .
    Strom und Erdöl sind viel zu schade, um sie zu verheizen. Solarthermische Systeme stellen Wärme ohne Ressourcenverbrauch zur Verfügung.

    Resource conservation
    Electricity and petroleum are far too good to be used up for heating. Solar-thermal systems provide heat without consuming resources.

    Environmental protection
    Using solar energy is active environmental protection. Accidents and leakages when mining and transporting petroleum frequently cause a lot of damage, pollute beaches and cause animals to die. In Europe, electricity is still primarily produced in nuclear power plants and in coal power stations. The dangers for the environment and climate are well-known

    Reducing the energy dependence

    Irrespective of the political conditions, the sun shines on the earth everyday and in doing so, provides far more energy than the entire global population needs. If we use this energy directly available to us, less conventional energy has to be purchased from elsewhere in addition to this.

    Using the sun intelligently is enjoyable and increases the sense of well-being!

    Most owners of solar installations will confirm that: it is simply a good feeling when the solar installation works. Finally you can sleep better with a clear conscience. In addition, SolarAir installations directly enhance the living comfort when fresh solar air replaces the stale air.