• Why solar ?

  • Performance

  • System and designs

  • Wartung und Betrieb

  • Servicing and operation

    A SolarAir installation by Grammer Solar is fully-automatic and very reliable in operation.
    Freezing, leaking, evaporating...these problems are completely eliminated with air collectors. If no heat is required on sunny days, the installation automatically switches off. The room thermostat takes care of this (in larger installations, the control system). Even in hot countries, longer down-times of the installations cause no problems as air cannot boil or over-heat and all collector components are particularly thermostable.

    The sun sends no bills
    TWINSOLAR compact and TWINSOLAR modular not only generate heat but also their own supply of electricity thanks to an integrated photovoltaic module. All TWINSOLAR installations therefore have no operating costs whatsoever.

    Filter change
    The air filter generally has to be changed once every year. The frequency depends upon the air pollution. The filter can easily be changed by the user themselves.