Efficient accessories - preassembled & ready to plug in

String cable harnesses with original LC3 connectors are ideally suited for the parallel connection of X-Series modules in rooftop installations. Above all, they offer maximum convenience. Since the cables come preassembled from the factory, the usual time and labour-consuming need for crimping is eliminated. Simply plug in and go!
The LC3 series is offered with a cable cross section of 4 mm² in 3, 4, 5 or 6-junction versions, each with a 1.35 m spacing between junctions – for the reliable and fast wiring of three to six module rows in a rooftop installation.
For larger systems, the LC3 cable coupling is available with a cable cross section of 6 mm² with 100 outlets. The cable can be customised onsite to match system specifications and requires only that the ends be crimped. This means maximum flexibility, cost efficiency and rapid installation. In addition, the larger cross section of the cable results in minimal line losses. Two options are available for T-branch spacing: 1.35 m for rooftop systems or 3.00 m for Duplex mounting with fiXflat.
Inventux offers the appropriate connector to match material sold by the metre, either with LC3 jacks or plugs for the 6 mm² version for crimping.

Intelligent installation solutions by the metre

Even electronic accessories benefit from Inventux’s concept of installation efficiency: carefully considered solutions that contribute to further reducing installation work and costs. At the same time, the electronic accessories also deliver tried and tested Inventux premium quality. Injection moulded connectors guarantee excellent impermeability and are extremely robust and long-lasting. Another advantage is their UV and ozone resistance. Their IP 68 classification ensures a high level of long-lasting system quality while helping minimise the amount of maintenance required.