fiX-SERIES: The patented mounting system with the 1-2-3 concept

Inventux follows a 1-2-3 concept in the development of every product. The integrated stainless steel carrier profiles of the Inventux modules enable rapid assembly in just three steps for almost every type of installation.
This innovative mounting concept for frameless modules offers significant advantages over an installation with clamps. The floating mount of the modules prevents stresses from forming in the glass. This nearly eliminates module breakage from weather-related and thermal stresses and strains. The fiX carrier profiles also contribute to the above average durability of the modules.
Fast, efficient, simple – the Inventux fiX-Series Mounting System. Intelligent functionality that delivers what it promises.

The Inventux advantage at a glance

Developed and patented by Inventux, the fiX-Series Mounting System offers significant advantages over conventional mounting systems. With its simple ‘click’ system, Inventux solar modules can be installed up to three times faster than other solar modules. And, thanks to its integrated design, module installation is not only tool-free but requires less material as well.
When using the fiX-Series, Inventux modules can be flexibly installed in a variety of ways, ensuring that the modules are always optimally and securely mounted.