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    When designing a SolarAir complete system, the collector sizes and the sizes of the warm water tank are designed separately.
    The warm water demand is used as a basis for the storage volumes.
    In order to ensure that the warm water does not immediately run out even on a rainy day in summer, the storage volume should be 2-3 times larger than the daily warm water demand. 300l storage tanks are normally used in detached houses.

    The following factors must be taken into account for the collector size:
    Floor space of the rooms to be heated and ventilated using solar power.
    Location of the building and the climatic conditions there.
    Collector assembly options and orientation

    In addition to excellent ventilation, this achieves very good heating, especially during the changing of the seasons. The conventional heating can often remain switched off during these months.
    In the Mediterranean, 1m² of collector area can heat and ventilate up to 30m² of living area.

    Air collector systems by Grammer Solar:
    Grammer Solar offers various sizes and types depending on the requirements (System overview).
    The following standard systems are normally used for SolarAir complete systems:

    TOPSOLAR Power 8.0 - 12.5 with Solarbox SLK and 300l storage tank package >Standard installation for detached houses with up to 180m² of floor space, mains connection necessary (Brochure)

    Consisting of:
    8.0 to 12.5 m² of collector surface area, TopSolar modular (SLK collector) (Technical data), 220V Power ventilator and filter box
    Solarbox SLK with highly efficient air-water heat exchanger (Technical data)
    300l Solar storage tank, pump assembly with safety valve and pressure balance vessel

    The TOPSOLAR complete system brings lots of fresh warm air into the old building and supplies warm water in summer.

    JUMBOSOLAR Power 20.0 - 40.0 with Solarbox GLK; storage tank package as required ?for properties with up to 600m² of floor space; storage tank size from 500 - 2000l; mains connection required (Brochure)/h2>
    Consisting of:
    20.0 to 40.0 m² air collector, JumboSolar modular (GLK collector) (Technical data), 220V Power ventilator and filter box
    Solarbox GLK with highly efficient air-water heat exchanger (Technical data)
    Solar storage tank, pump and safety group upon request

    JUMBOSOLAR complete system:
    For club houses, larger residential houses and anywhere where a lot of warm air and water is required.